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5 Common Mistakes When Wearing Prescription Colored Contacts

Wearing prescription colored contacts is an excellent way to correct your vision while also enhancing or completely changing your eye color. However, even seasoned wearers can sometimes fall prey to common mistakes that can affect their eye health and the overall contact lens experience. Let’s dive into the top five mistakes to avoid, ensuring both the health of your eyes and the longevity of your lenses.

1. Skipping Proper Hygiene Practices

One of the most critical steps in contact lens care is maintaining stringent hygiene practices. This includes thoroughly washing and drying your hands before handling your lenses. Neglecting this can transfer bacteria and other contaminants to your contacts, leading to infections or discomfort. Always use fresh, lens-specific solution to clean your contacts and never resort to water, as these can harbor harmful microorganisms.

2. Overextending Lens Wear

Prescription colored contacts, like all contact lenses, have specific wear schedules—daily, monthly, etc. Wearing them beyond their intended period can lead to eye irritation, increased infection risk, and reduced lens performance. It’s crucial to follow the replacement schedule recommended by your eye care professional to ensure optimal eye health and lens effectiveness.

3. Ignoring Proper Storage

Proper storage is paramount for the longevity and safety of your contacts. This means regularly cleaning your lens case, replacing it every three months, and always using fresh solution for storage. Storing lenses in a dirty case or old solution can lead to bacterial growth, potentially causing severe eye infections.

4. Sleeping in Your Contact Lenses

A common oversight many contact lens wearers make is sleeping in their lenses. While it might seem convenient to drift off without removing your contacts, doing so can significantly increase the risk of eye infections, reduced oxygen permeability to the cornea, and discomfort. Most prescription colored contacts are not designed for overnight wear, and leaving them in can lead to complications such as corneal ulcers, which are not only painful but can also impair vision. Always remove your contacts before going to bed, regardless of how tired you are, to maintain eye health and comfort.

5. Neglecting Regular Eye Check-ups

Wearing prescription colored contacts doesn’t mean you can skip your regular eye exams. Routine check-ups ensure that your prescription is up-to-date and that your eyes are healthy. Eye care professionals can also detect any early signs of improper lens use or potential complications, ensuring your continued safety and comfort.


Prescription colored contacts offer a fantastic combination of vision correction and aesthetic versatility. However, it's essential to avoid these common mistakes to ensure a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience. By following proper care routines, adhering to the recommended wear schedules, and staying in regular contact with your eye care provider, you can enjoy the benefits of your colored contacts while keeping your eyes healthy. Remember, when it comes to contact lenses, a little caution goes a long way in protecting your vision and ensuring your eyes remain bright, healthy, and vibrant.

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